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Midwesterner looking for employment at sea? Best jobs? Requirements?  


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28/10/2019 10:10 am  

As a recent university graduate finding work locally has been tough. I live in a suburb of Omaha and I studied Communications, Journalism, PR, and Philosophy. I tried to join the Navy right after I graduated from community college a few years ago, but I was not accepted due to medical reasons. Ex. Anxiety - Depression that I feel I no longer suffer from. At the moment I feel I am a bit too old to enlist in the Navy because I am now in my mid-20 s. What I am looking for is an opportunity to travel and work at sea. What would be the best cruise line to work for or what would be some other good options that I could possibly put my skills to use at? Being from the Midwest I really have little to no knowledge about what I could be doing working aboard a cruise ship, especially putting my education to actual use? Are there medical requirements other than physical?


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