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[Sticky] Not got UK qualifications? - You need to read this FIRST.  


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Recently I have had a number of conversations with potential cadets who are EEA citizens, who are eligible to apply for a cadetship under residency rules, but when they apply they are not successful. Having also spoken to recruiters about the reasons why they fail to get an interview I now have a more complete picture and understand why they are sometimes getting knocked back.


A potential cadet from Poland, who has a degree from a Polish University and who has lived in the UK for 4 years applies for a cadetship. On the form he puts down his degree but where he is asked for his GCSE and A level results he puts nothing down... Because he does not have GCSE results.

The problem with this is that there is a MINIMUM GCSE requirement for HNC / HND in both Maths and Science. Even for the Foundation Degree route you still HAVE to have GCSE grades in Maths and Science.

So the recruiter gets your application form and/or CV and because you cannot prove you meet the minimum requirements then you are dismissed immediately, even though you have put down all 3 of your degrees and think you are being ignored because you are over qualified. WRONG! Because you do not have GCSE and/or A level grades on your form you are UNDER qualified.....

It does not matter how many colleges you talk to and how much they tell you that you meet the requirements. If the recruiter does not know what you actually have (and it's UK equivalent) you are dead in the water.


There is an organisation that can help you...

You need to register on the website and then pay £55.20 for a Statement of Comparability. You scan and send them copies of all your certificates from overseas and you get back A Statement of Comparability (SOC) which states, in English, what your overseas qualifications equate to in the UK. However the SOC does not provide a comparability statement for the grades you obtained. You will need to provide evidence of your grades to the recruiter by way of copies of your original certificates and a statement saying (for example) "A pass at this level is grades from 1 to 5 with 1 being the highest, and grades 6 to 8 being a fail." So if an employer specifies a B in Maths and your SOC says you have a GCSE equivalent in Maths and you have a grade 2 then you need to prove that a grade 2 is the equivalent to a B.

Here is an example of a Statement of Comparability

If you need to have a separate certificate for each subject then you will have to pay a further £24.00 for EACH certificate. However, it is my understanding that recruiters just need to see the Statement of Comparability to have confidence in inviting you to interview or offering you a cadetship. You MAY have to provide the college with individual certificates for each subject that is relevant - such as Maths and Science - later but I know you will gladly pay for 2 or 3 certificates to get your dream job?

So, in answer to your question - did I get turned down because I am from Greece / Slovakia / Norway? then the answer is a definate "NO". You got turned down because the recruiter did not know you reached the minimum requirements and they do not have the time to check each persons overseas qualifications when there are 30 applicants per job.

Make the recruiters job easier. Make sure you answer the questions before they ask them and give them no excuse to turn you down, not because of your nationality, but because they have no idea what your qualifications are............ finally make sure that by having the SOC that you fill in all the boxes on the application form or add all of the detail to your CV and provide a copy of the SOC with it.

I hope this helps answer the question.

Good luck,


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