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[Sticky] The Big Interview Tips Thread  


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17/06/2020 5:34 am  
We get a lot of questions about interview "technique" and what to do to prepare for your interview.

What I'd like to do is get everything in one big thread, which will be stickied and prominent to all our visitors.

So, please share your interview tips here!

Just a few guidelines:

  • Tips only - short posts like "yeah, good idea" and so on just clutter up the thread. Feel free to use the "Thanks!" button if you found a post useful.
  • If you have a question, create a thread for it as usual. Questions will clutter things up too.
  • Please don't post specific details of company interview processes. This includes posting non-generic, company specific questions, details of how group exercises are conducted (and what those exercises involve) and questions or answers for tests such as aptitude tests or maths tests. Sponsoring companies have been extremely supportive of our presence and we have a duty to ensure that nobody has an unfair advantage. Sharing company-specific information could land you in hot water with your company, so be careful.

Thanks in advance for all your submissions - I'll be along with my own shortly!

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