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14/07/2020 3:47 am  
Starting a thread to keep together a list of recommended items for engineers or engineering cadets.

Looking for examples of:

  • Books
  • Computer Software
  • Equipment
  • etc

Once complied this can be condensed into an article for our home page.


General Engineering Knowledge - HD McGeorge

Marine Auxilliary Machinery - HD McGeorge

Marine Electrical Equipment and Practise - HD McGearge

The Running and Maintenance of Marine Machinery - IMarEST

Zeus (sp?) tables


Word processing and drawing, stuff should be good enough for preparing any reports that you need, it is free and people with experience in MS Office should pick it up quite quickly.


A good drawing set (most colleges will have these available to buy)

A good waterproof torch, needs to be Ex (intrinsically safe) rated if you are going on tankers, better if it is regardless of where you are going.

A digital camera doesn't have to be top quality, just enough to produce photos to add to reports and remind you where things were during orals revision

A decent sized memory stick

If possible a laptop, but you should have access to a ship's computer if not


A sense of humour


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