Karl Hudson – Second Engineer Less than 3000KW III/3

I am a 24 year old 2/E and Safety Officer working on coastal tankers.  I am a former graduate of Warsash Maritime Academy.

I have worked on a variety vessels ranging from tug boards to worldwide bulk carriers.

My specialist subjects are:

  • Safety
  • 4 stroke engines
  • Auxiliary systems

The maximum group size I will work with is 2 EOOW cadets.

Emily Fowles – Second Engineer III/2
I undertook my cadetship and passed my seconds ticket first time at Fleetwood nautical college.  I have also produced the engineering series of books that are available on this website. I work mainly on tankers, but have knowledge of specifics for other types of ship.

I have always been keen to help cadets on-board and enjoy tutoring.

I want you to be able to get the most out of your Skype sessions, so you can choose to do an orals type session or to cover specific topics that you need extra work on.

The maximum group size I will work with is 3.


Phil Cave – Master Unlimited II/2
Specialist Subjects: RoR, Buoyage, Navigation, Certification.

I joined Fleetwood Nautical College in 2010 as a Deck Cadet with Princess Cruises and have remained with them ever since. I qualified with my OOW Unlimited Ticket with a Distinction in my FD Nautical Science.  I was also privilaged to be awarded the MCA Officer Cadet of the Year award for 2013. Whilst building up my sea time for Chief Mates with Princess Cruises I also became a Second Officer for the Marine Society Training ships and after two years I was promoted to Executive Officer & Training Office.  I am now responsible for all Training delivered to embarked Cadets as well as the usual Second in Command Duties.

In 2016 I completed my Chief Mates examinations, once again at Fleetwood Nautical College. This was followed by a short stint working in Carnivals Head Office in Southampton as a Fleet Training Officer. When I returned to sea in June 2016 as a 2nd Officer & Senior Officer of the Watch within Princess.  In 2017 was promoted to Senior Second Officer. During that time I began the Commanding Officer Training programme for the MSSC Training ships and became a Training Officer with the RNR Royal Navy University Unit specialising in Navigation and RoR. In June 2018 I passed my Master II/2 Unlimited and am now serving as a 1st Officer & designated Navigator with Princess Cruises.

I am also a Member of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners and spend a lot of free time volunteering as a Sea Cadet Instructor; again specialising in Navigation, Seamanship & Meteorology.  

I am a keen musician; playing the Saxophone and Piano to a reasonable extent, but an admittedly terrible car driver!

The maximum group size I will work with is 3.

James Smith – Master Unlimited II/2
I have worked for Princess Cruises for over 8 years, starting as a Cadet in 2010 in Fleetwood Nautical College, qualifying in 2013. I then took my Chief Mates license in 2016 in Warsash followed by my Masters license in 2018 in Fleetwood again. Having taken all three of my exams in the last 5 years I feel that I can give you a fresh idea of how they are and what they are asking.

Teaching is a passion and I strive to make every session as informative and as personal as I can. I intend to break down each 1 hour session into 30 minutes of regulations + OOW orals questions (SOLAS, STCW, Marpol, LSA, FFE, Cargo etc), 20 minutes of Colregs and 10 minutes of recapping, questions, and I will usually set a simple homework question encouraging you to use the Codes and Conventions to find the answers which will definitely aid you in the orals. I have always had positive reviews from the cadets I have already had the pleasure in teaching and will adapt my styles to help in every possible way I can. Obviously coming from a passenger ship environment I have a strong knowledge in the Rules, Codes and Conventions and lesser knowledge in the cargo side of the Merchant Navy. That said I have studied this well enough to pass my Masters so I will be able to get you through your OOW.

I am willing to take a maximum of 3 willing people for an hour or two, so that I can still keep the lessons personal and if you give me an idea about what you would like to learn beforehand then I can adapt each session to get the best out of each person.

Brian Sinnott – Chief Mate Unlimited
Specialist Subjects: RoR, Buoyage, Navigation, Certification.

I am currently working as 2nd Officer with a large cruise line company.

I have sailed on a number of different vessels; sailing boats, workboats, tugs, tankers, superyachts and cruise ships.

I am currently Senior Officer of the Watch and have been doing Oral Prep tutorials with a number of cadets since I qualified in 2014.

The maximum group size I will work with is 3.

Ashley Dadd – Master Unlimited III/2
I have recently completed Chief Mates Navigation & Stability SQA exams with Grades 1 & 2 respectively.    During my studies as well as from practical experience working offshore, I have gained a wealth of knowledge.

My experiences include PSV, AHTS, ROV, Construction, Heavy lift, Wind farm, DP Pipe Lay Above Water Tie In and Dive Support. I also have extensive knowledge in the latest Seamanship, Shipping, Regulations, Navigation & Stability, Contingencies, Law, Training, Health and Safety.

I want to share my knowledge and experiences with other seafarers.

When not working offshore I enjoy recreational water sports such as kitesurfing, paddle boarding and surfing, as well as travelling.

The maximum group size I will work with is 3.

Michael Rhind – Chief Mates Unlimited II/2
Specialist Subjects – ROR, Lifesaving Appliances and Fire Fighting Equipment, Navigation & Electronic Navigation Aids.

I joined Fleetwood Nautical Campus as a cadet in 2013, subsequently qualifying in 2016 with a large cruise company. I still work within the same company and have since gained my Chief Mates Unlimited ticket. 

Since qualifying I work on a daily basis with the cadets assigned to my vessel; training them on my ship’s systems and procedures with a focus on completing the tasks required for their TRB and workbooks.

I like to keep up to date with what is going on in the nautical world and have aided myself by becoming a member of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners, Nautical Institute and the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.

The tutor sessions I provide can be focused on a specific subject or can be more questions based nearer the final exam time. General rule of thumb will be to let me know prior to the session what you would like to focus on. 
Groups session are limited to 4 – to ensure adequate time with each member of the group.

Ashley Oro AFRIN – Senior Nautical Lecturer
I am qualified Chief Officer (Unlimited II/2) with Tanker and RoRo experience.   While at sea I trained many cadets to a high standard in both academics and MCA oral preparation.

Upon leaving sea I became a lecturer at Fleetwood Nautical College where I initially specialised in Chartwork, Tides and Electronic Navigation Systems.  My college career is progressing rapidly due to my passion for teaching and love of the sea.  I now lecture Chief Mate SQA subjects as well as Orals Preparations for OOW and Chief Mate.

In my Orals Preparation sessions I  specialise in providing you with the links between subjects/topics.  I do this by integrating your answers with best practices, current legislation and guidance.  This will allow your responses  to flow naturally and present a deeper understanding to the examiner.

Topics I enjoy teaching are: Celestial Navigation, Stability, Passage Planning, Ship Handling, Electronic Navigation Systems, Cargo Operations, ROR, Gyro Compass as well as Navigational Maths & Science.

I am comfortable to tutor/examine you in any subject or can provide a general session depending on your requirements.  The greater detail you provide on booking the better value I can give in your session.

To ensure you get the highest quality, I will only work a maximum group  size of 4.


In addition I offer another service; proof reading.  This can be for WBL, assignments or academic writing.  This is a comprehensive and targeted feedback process that allows you to improve the quality of your submissions.  (Please contact The Eazy Cadet for information).



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